• How Many Search Agencies Will Go Through An IPO In 2013?
    Marketers supporting the online ad industry -- including search -- will see an increasing number of IPOs this year, starting with Marin Software, which revealed Wednesday that it had filed an S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This is a signal that management plans to take the company through an IPO, which MediaPost reported in December.
  • How To Apply The Forrester Research Agile Innovation Framework
    Digital disruption -- the idea that digital changes business economics, not just the way brands market products and services -- weighs heavily on Forrester Research analysts. James McQuivey developed the idea after contemplating how products are being reinvented because of digital, and wrote a book that explores how companies like Borders missed the fundamental notion that digital changes business, and reveals how companies can stay ahead of digital disruption.
  • Why I Bought A Microsoft Pro Tablet
    I packed up my awesome custom-configured Sony Vaio laptop with turbo boost processor and sent it back to the manufacturer Monday so the company could replace the LCD screen. Rather than purchase another laptop, I bought a Surface Pro Saturday, and decided that for the next two weeks I would work from the tablet.
  • Search, Social Support Rising Online Ads
    Online advertising spend should reach $50.8 billion in the United States by 2015 -- up from $36.1 billion this year, according to the ZenithOptimedia New Media Forecasts report. Search will contribute $18.8 billion and social media, $8.4 billion, up from $14.9 billion and $4.6 billion this year.
  • Bing Rejects Google On Valentine's Day
    One in ten relationships end on Valentine's Day, and 85% believe trustworthiness is the most important trait in a mate, according to a survey from Bing and Impulse Research. The search engine shares the numbers in the hope that you will give up searching on Google during the most romantic day of the year. Symbolism. Isn't that what it's all about?
  • Yahoo's Mayer Looks Toward Partnerships As Building Block
    When asked how Yahoo would compete in the tech industry without a mobile strategy, operating system, and Internet browser, incoming Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told employees the company will partner, according to sources. So on Wednesday, Yahoo announced a non-exclusive display ad agreement with Google amid the deafening reaction to Enhanced Campaigns, Google's AdWords tool that now combines desktop and mobile paid-search ad creation, targeting and reporting.
  • Would Google Change-Up Mobile, Desktop By Combining AdWords?
    After hearing Google cofounder Larry Page during the Q4 2012 earnings call talk about how the Nexus smartphone serves up Web sites better than those optimized for mobile devices, it made me wonder whether Google would change the rules for advertising and content to support one structure and reporting system for mobile and desktop. I'm not the only one wondering.
  • Study Finds Racial Bias In Paid-Search Ads
    It's not black-and-white, although Latanya Sweeney might make it seem that way. The Harvard professor published a report suggesting Google searches expose racial bias through AdSense. Depending on the perceived race of the names searched for, the ads that serve up suggest "statistically significant discrimination."
  • What Super Bowl Internet Search Results Prove
    Admittedly, I ran a mobile voice search Sunday morning asking Google: "What time does the Super Bowl start?" The question on google.com through its Knowledge Graph technology directs you to an instant answer in the results rather than requiring a series of clicks through embedded links leading deep within a Web site. Ask the same question Monday and get the Ravens and 49ers scores.
  • What Football Social Data Teaches Search Marketers
    Once again football time comes to America. Never mind getting together with friends and family to enjoy the game -- marketers just want to think about data. The great American pastime has turned into a race to discover what brands influence consumers most, and how much money they will scrape from their pockets.
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