• Trust Vs. Action: Both Valuable To Search Marketers
    Trust in paid online and mobile ads has remained relatively consistent since 2013. Some 48% of respondents to a global survey from Nielsen say they completely or somewhat trust online video advertisements, but ads served in search engine results fell 1% to 47% in the past two years.
  • Teaching Artificial Intelligence To Search, Target Ads Based On Memory
    Intelligent automation will become the next tool for online advertising. Recently, a team of researchers at Google demonstrated an artificially intelligent system that could reliably identify a mountain-unicycling video, demonstrating the implications of recurrent neural networks, which will use an internal memory to process sequences of data for ad targeting.
  • Local Marketing Essentials For Small Business Saturday
    New data shows that 26.7% of Small Business Saturday shoppers have household incomes of more than $100,000 annually.
  • 70% Of Consumers Use Three Channels Or More To Research A Purchase
    Data and statistics in headlines and content has become one of the major reasons cited for success, according to research.
  • Tips To Avoid Dumb Targeting In Google Consumer Match
    Considering Google Consumer Match? "Avoid dumb targeting," says Matt Miller, SVP of analytics and targeting at global performance agency Performics. The platform allows search marketers to bridge other forms of media like email to more finely target consumers in search advertising or on YouTube.
  • adMarketplace: A Look Inside Native Advertising
    A variety of companies known to support paid-search advertising have opted in favor of native ads. I caught up with Jamie Hill, chairman /CEO of adMarketplace to get his opinion on a variety of subjects including native advertising, social media, and ad blocking.
  • Programmatic Near Real-Time Bidding, Optimization Comes To Search
    Google Optimization optimizes bids about once daily. Programmatic display platforms can optimize in milliseconds. Vector Media Group is consulting on a platform that optimizes bids and budgets every 30 minutes.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising Doing Better Than Expected, Study Finds
    Pay-per-click advertising channels (PPC) will get a bigger piece of the ad spend during the next 12 months -- more so than advertisers expected. Three-quarters of U.S. marketers participating in Hanapin Marketing's The State of PPC annual survey say they plan to increase the amount spent in mobile PPC advertising during the next 12 months, with nearly as many -- 74% -- increasing the amount spent in Google AdWords.
  • Fake Reviews, Web Sites, Phone Numbers
    Rogue reviews are in the news again. This time Amazon has sued hundreds of freelancers for selling fake reviews, accusing more than 1,100 people of offering to post positive writeups of ebooks and other products for fees of as little as $5. Amazon isn't the only one feeling the pain.
  • Emotional Connections As A Science
    Intent drives search campaigns, and emotional connections drive intent. For the past year I have been writing about how emotions will become the next targeting signal in search and other media. Now the "Harvard Business Review" has released 10 signals that significantly affect customer value across all categories studied.
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