• Full Funnel Attribution: Start With Search And Display
    Google will continue to try and make it easy for search engine marketers to buy display ads in 2011, appealing to the simplicity of paid search campaigns and integration of multiple channels to drive higher conversions. The mountain View, Calif., tech company isn't the only one. The second-day keynote at the Search Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, earlier this month highlighted Yahoo's VP and GM for Display Advertising David Zinman, who explained how search can integrate with display.
  • Search: And Then Social Content Creates Mass Relevance
    Yahoo, pushing to find a new identity, could blow through the remainder of 2010 on a high note. Those who caught Yahoo's good news Tuesday will know its sites ranked as the No. 1 visited properties in November with 181.0 million visitors on comScore's list. Google sites followed with 178.7 million and Microsoft with 175.7 million. It's the first time since August Yahoo displaced Google. Perhaps leaving search to Microsoft Bing might turn out well for the ailing engine.
  • Competing For Online vs. Offline Holiday Dollars
    Top search terms on Google Insights in the United States reflect that consumers have moved into the holiday spirit. The top search keywords include christmas tree, christmas lyrics, christmas songs, christmas cards, and merry christmas ... Fa, la, la, la, la.
  • What Mobile Search Strategies Might Look Like In 2011
    Members of the Millennial generation, ages 18 to 30, remain more likely to access the Internet wirelessly with a laptop or mobile phone, but it appears the market geared toward younger teens still needs to mature, according to a recent study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project (and a recent experience of mine).
  • All I Want For Christmas Is A Cr-48 In Every Room
    Some people want a television in every room. I want a computer in every room. An Internet-connected device I can turn on quickly and get started checking the day's news first thing in the morning. I'm not really a television person, but spend oodles of hours surfing the Web daily. Shamelessly, I admit to spending way too much time on the Web during the weekend, too, either on my PC or mobile phone. In me and others like me, advertisers and marketers find nirvana. Think of it.
  • Mobile Search: Are We There Yet?
    Some ad executives say that if we have to keep asking ourselves if 2010 represents the year of mobile then we're clearly not there yet. Consider this as the year comes to a close. On Wednesday, Microsoft launched a slew of applications for search on mobile devices, and eBay acquired mobile application developer Critical Path Software to boost ecommerce. And Google released stats this week that suggest we're closer than many think.
  • Microsoft Hooks Up With FairSearch.org, Adds Travel Features
    Bing added earlier this week natural language query technology to travel searches. It provides the ability to type parameters in the search box to query results, rather than select the airport, the destination, the dates or other options to do searches on plane flights. The search results will include fare predictions, cheapest fares and possible dates for the flights.
  • Why Google Acquired NFC Tech Company Zetawire
    Here we go again. Little known Toronto-based Zetawire got scooped up by Google in August, according to 451 Group Analyst Ben Kolada. The Canadian startup designs near field communications (NFC) technology. While it's a small deal, don't think of this one as another day, another acquisition-at least for Google. It's not a technology that Google acquired to hide in the background, only to dissolve or make disappear one year later. It launched its first NFC marketing service earlier this month.
  • Search Data, Baby, And Where To Find It
    In the old days a brand might put about 20 people in a focus group room, provide them with alcohol and food, and try to disprove or prove what the company's marketers already thought they knew about the positioning of their products and brands in the market, or how they measure up to competitors. These days tools give marketers that insight, supporting conversation and query analysis. The ability to add search query data provides insights into other mediums like social, Daina Middleton, Performics CEO, told Search Insider Summit attendees on Saturday in Park City, Utah.
  • How Will Social Impact Paid Search?
    While the jury is still out on whether or not social will impact paid search, a heated discussion at the Search Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, on Thursday gave some insight as to how marketers will think about combining the two mediums in the future. It seemed a bit more difficult for panelists to wrap their heads around the concept of combining social and paid search, compared with social and organic search, but some gave it a try. So, will social relevance have an impact on quality scores?
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