• Google Launches Online Forum For Takedown Of Search Engine Requests
    Google has launched an online forum allowing European residents to request link removals from search results that contain their name and when content is considered outdated, inappropriate or irrelevant. The move was made after a recent Court of Justice of the European Union ruling that found certain users can ask search engines to remove results for queries under certain conditions.
  • 'NYT' Leaked Innovation Report Points To Search Marketing, Social, Data Silo Challenges
    "The New York Times" produces more than 300 URLs daily, but media companies like Huffington Post and BuzzFeed have, in just a few years, eclipsed online traffic of "The New York Times" by building best practices for search and social into their workflow, while other media organizations have broken down the barriers between newsrooms and business to support readers, per the "New York Times" Innovation report. Long live -- but now obsolete in digital media -- the metaphors "The Wall" and "Church and State." "Increased collaboration, done right, does not present any threat to our values of journalistic independence," per …
  • Brands To Consumers - Can You Trust Me Now?
    Brands still need to overcome an "enormous" level of skepticism when it comes to earning consumer trust. Some 80% of consumers between the ages of 20 and 40 who participated in a recent Accenture Interactive study believe that total privacy remains a thing of the past, and 87% believe adequate safeguards are not in place to protect their personal information. I didn't participate in the study of 2,012 consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom, but belong to this group of thinkers.
  • Where Travelers Click Through Summer Vacations
    I'm planning to drive this summer through Yellowstone and the Grand Teton national parks. I haven't been in the area since crossing from Brooklyn, N.Y., to California at the age of seven. My family drove through the parks with the black ragtop down on the cherry red Pontiac convertible. A lot has changed since then. Analyzing data from Adgooroo, it appears that most families this summer will head to Florida's or California's amusement parks. Ranking the Top 20 most-clicked travel keywords from January to April, 2014, Adgooroo analyzes clicks to gain insight into consumers' travel plans for this summer. Although …
  • Google Developing Products With Advanced Vision Capabilities
    Reports suggest Google is developing a tablet with advanced vision capabilities as part of Project Tango, a smartphone project being created by the company's Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), a former division of Motorola. The goal of the group is to develop mobile technology with enhanced robotics and computer vision to provide a human-scale understanding of space and motion.
  • One Piece Of Video Content Creates Millions Of Unique Experiences
    Marketers must approach the creation of video as an experience to tell the story, Mike Monello, partner and chief creative officer at Campfire, said Thursday during his OMMA Video keynote. He outlined four principles to build experiences with the audience at the center, fostering self-expression and drawing from communities.
  • Google's YouTube Could Easily Step Into Live-Stream Gaming Events
    Google doesn't need to acquire Twitch if it wants to allow YouTube visitors to play video games streaming from the site, but it does if the company wants to augment the site with live professional competitions supported by advertising.
  • Marketers To Spend $20.5B On Branding
    Search trends, keyword patterns and data points have cultural nuances and consumer preferences woven throughout. And while search engine marketers have been quick to use paid search for direct-response advertising, many more now view the media as a branding tool, as shown in eMarketers' most recent direct-response and branding estimates for 2014. The analysis firm estimates that in the U.S. advertisers will spend more than $50 billion on digital advertising in 2014, representing the fifth sequential year of growth. The numbers released Tuesday forecast that $20.5 billion will go toward branding and $29.6 billion to direct response this year.
  • Levien Suggests How Native Should Raise Creative
    When it comes to publishers, some may think of The New York Times as the father of native content. Meredith Kopit Levien, EVP of advertising at The New York Times, thinks of the concept of native as a return to better advertising. In the transition from traditional to digital advertising, "great advertising has been lost and I think native advertising has the power to restore it," Levien told attendees of MediaPost OMMA Native conference Monday. Here's how.
  • Thinking Differently About Search, Schema.org Mark-Up Language In The Age Of The Internet Of Things
    The Internet of Things will require search marketers to think differently about content and search engine marketing. As search and the Internet continue to mature, the content becomes a data layer that requires marketers to mark up content with specific code, so search engines can easily recognize the images and content -- especially as search technology moves away from a box and toward voice and apps.
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