• Country Music Superstar Kenny Chesney's Link To Advertising, Marketing
    Kenny Chesney took the stage last night at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles as part of an interview series with musicians intended to educate kids about the arts. The country artist studied marketing and advertising at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tenn. He said it's important to "build a relationship" with fans and calls "word of mouth marketing "the best type of advertising in the world."
  • SEO Freebies
    Search engine optimization experts have a tendency to give away information. There are countless blogs providing step-by-step strategies on everything from link building to image and video optimization. Some industries might call that revealing trade secrets, but these SEO experts believe they do it for the good of the industry. I could slam these guys and girls for cutting their own throats -- financially speaking -- but instead I look at the glass half full, rather than half empty, and agree with their do-gooder approach.
  • What Gets People To Click On Paid-Search Ads?
    Ask.com turned the "Search" button into an "Ask" button Wednesday after tests showed that changing the word encouraged people to ask more questions, which also serve up paid-search ads and sponsored links. For now, the button will remain the color blue, but Doug Leeds, Ask.com CEO, told MediaPost the team has been testing a variety of colors and features across the site.
  • Do We Search Or Ask For Answers?
    Some might call it search -- and others, asking for answers. Even before Ask.com moved from a Q&A to a search engine business model, and then transitioned back again, many seeking answers continued to rely on the site to ask questions. Searchers apparently know where to go for answers. But in a list of the top five destinations, the order of the names might surprise many.
  • Does Google's Culture Foster Leadership?
    Remember the political activist Wael Ghonim who took a role in overthrowing Egypt's government earlier this year? The 30-year old Google executive on Saturday said he would take a sabbatical from the search engine to start something new. In a tweet on Twitter he wrote: "Decided to take a long term sabbatical from @Google & start a technology focused NGO to help fight poverty & foster education in #Egypt."
  • Googling Renewable Energy
    Timing is everything. With Earth Day on April 22, the anniversary of the environmental movement that began in the 1970s, Google announced Thursday it agreed to buy electricity from a wind generator facility in Oklahoma. The Mountain View, Calif. company bought 100 megawatts of wind energy production from NextEra Energy Resources in Minco, Oklahoma, to power its new data center in nearby Mayes County. The agreement boosts the use of renewable power on the electric grid to support the servers.
  • Trusting The Brand Through Search
    Trust continues to impact search engine marketing campaigns. There has been a lot of talk lately by analysts and experts around using paid search as a branding channel. How can marketers convince consumers to trust the paid search ad appearing alongside or above organic listings enough to click on them?
  • Semantic Search Engine Gets Ad, News Application Layers
    There have been numerous startups in the semantic search space. Microsoft acquired one -- Powerset, which now powers Bing. Meet Pragmatech, founded in 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Development Company (UDC), based in Doha, Qatar. It has since opened a research and development branch in Jounieh, Lebanon, just outside the capital, Beirut.
  • Search For Buzz
    How do marketers put a price on the volume and the quality of buzz? These predictors and influencers of brand performance can go a long way when attempting to brand a product or service. It turns out the Q1 Top Global Brands Report from General Sentiment released Tuesday provides the latest analysis. The top five spots go to three of the world's largest companies focused on search engines, along with one device maker and content provider, and another to an automotive manufacturer.
  • Google Algorithm Failures?
    In an ongoing debate that began in February when Google tweaked its search algorithm to demote "low-quality" content," Demand Media posted a blog Monday explaining that its first-quarter results remain on track and second-quarter page-view growth will come in equally strong as year-ago results.
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