• What Companies Rank High In Mobile Search Impressions And Why They Don't On Desktop
    Amazon and Best Buy top the list of mobile search advertisers for January 2014 based on impressions from the top 50,000 keywords running on U.S. Google AdWords, per a report released this week -- but why would some companies rank high in impressions on mobile and low on desktop and tablets?
  • Open Me To Learn 10 Email Marketing Tips
    It came up during a dinner conversation the other night. What convinces one consumer to open an email and click through to a landing page or conduct a search doesn't always do the same for another. Success typically is determined by the message in the subject line. Experian Marketing Services and Retention Science suggest that the technique differs dramatically depending on whether the email comes from a news organization or an ecommerce site. One thing is certain -- between six and 10 words perform best, generating a 21% open rate, per one study.
  • Do Search Terms Reflect What Consumers Think Of Your Brand?
    Do brand identities match what consumers think of them? It's an Interesting question that a Google strategist poses in a post on brand awareness. Since search terms are a reflection of the brand through the eyes of consumers, the combinations of words used in a search provide a way to share how people think about specific brands.
  • Growing Hispanic Population Requires Brands To Rethink Search, Social Marketing
    California Governor Gerry Brown estimates in his annual state budget summary that Latinos will become the largest ethnic group in California by March 2014, making up 39% of the state's population. This growth makes it increasingly important for marketers to know how to reach these consumers, many of whom do not speak or read English. BIA/Kelsey released data Tuesday that provides some tips.
  • How Google's Project Tango Can Support Advertisers
    Mobile phones that can sense 3D motion and geometry in a touchscreen app. That's one of Google's next big projects. It all sounds pretty cool, but will the project tie into advertising?
  • Microsoft Cortana To Give Bing Voice
    A recent Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 software development kit (SDK) leak reveals many changes to the next version -- and one in particular that should change the game for Bing by making it more competitive with Apple and Google. One of the main updates is a feature we've been hearing about for about a year -- Cortana, a digital personal assistant named after Microsoft's Halo video game series.
  • The Facebook Global Opportunities Brands Ignore
    Facebook has announced the acquisition of mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion, providing one more avenue for search marketers to reach a global audience on the platform. As more search marketers continue to take on the responsibility of social and mobile marketing for their respective companies, here are the numbers from Marin Software released Thursday.
  • Google Revenue To Hit $70.4B In 2014, Equity Firm Estimates
    If Google remains on track in 2014, one investment firm estimates the company could earn $70.4 billion in total revenue, up from (unaudited) $59.8 billion in 2013. That's assuming the "Google segment" makes up 93% of its total revenue for the year. Here's what search marketers need to know.
  • How Brands See Green Through Google Shopping Campaigns
    Search on the keyword "green" in Google's search engine, and query results hand back a bunch of stuff. The color -- you guessed it -- green. It has become easier to segment shirts, skirts and other colorful items into categories in search campaigns. Google introduced Shopping campaigns last year to a limited number of advertisers as a way to manage and promote products on Google through AdWords. Now the company has rolled out the feature to all AdWords users, allowing marketers to organize product categories in product listing ads, as well as optimize bids through detailed reporting.
  • Google Acquires SlickLogin Audio Authentication
    Tel Aviv-based SlickLogin CEO Or Zelig and CTO Eran Galili posted a note on the company's Web site during the weekend announcing that Google acquired the startup. Not a surprise, really, that Google found an online security expert in Israel using audio signals to authenticate users. The country, rich in history, has a modern side. Its technology and digital media, supported by startups like Kenshoo, Scala, SlickLogin, and Tech Marketing, have tremendous global impact.
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