What Companies Rank High In Mobile Search Impressions And Why They Don't On Desktop

Amazon and Best Buy top the list of mobile search advertisers for January 2014 based on impressions garnered from the top 50,000 keywords running on U.S. Google AdWords, per a report released this week.

AdGooroo highlighted the top advertisers in mobile search based on impressions, and said the Kantar Media company will begin providing reports on the amount advertisers spend on mobile search in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Marketers are more conditioned these days to see a higher ranking in desktop search compared with mobile, so why did companies like Wells Fargo and PizzaHut rank high in mobile and not in desktop? ranked No. 4 in mobile search with 17.9 million impressions, but ranked No. 217 in desktop and tablet search with 8.4 million impressions. ranked No. 18 in mobile search with 7.1 million impressions, but came in at No. 193 in desktop and tablet search with 9.1 million impressions.


advertisement is ranked No. 9 in mobile search with 11.5 million impressions, but No. 137 in desktop and tablet search with 12 million impressions. is ranked #16 in mobile search, with 7.5 million impressions, but is #119 in desktop and tablet search, with 13.5 million impressions.

Several things are at play here. The number of ad impressions for tablets and desktop surpass mobile search for most of the companies with higher rankings in mobile compared with desktop and tablets, although rankings were lower, which confirms that traditional search impressions still outweigh those on mobile.

It's easy to understand why Internet services like iTunes might rank high in mobile impressions and low on desktop and tablet, especially when it comes to music downloads. Consumers want music on the go, in their cars and on their arm or waistband while jogging.

Similarly, as more consumers become comfortable with mobile banking with branches offer apps that allow consumers to make deposits on their phone, I also understand how Wells Fargo and Chase have become more proficient in mobile advertising and marketing. Those apps that allow consumers to take a photo of a check and submit a deposit have become easy to use.

"Impulse activity is more likely to happen on mobile devices," said Aaron Goldman, Kenshoo CMO. "It makes sense that companies promoting song downloads, branch locators, or pizza would prioritize mobile ads."

How do you explain at No. 19 in mobile search with 7.06 million impressions, but No. 151 in desktop and tablet search with 10.7 million impressions?

Goldman said it's about reminding people they can watch the content on their phones. He said mobile search is greatly under-penetrated by advertisers so those who have something compelling to say or offer via mobile can stand out from the clutter.

It's more common to see big-box retailers like rank No. 20 in mobile search impressions and No. 2 in desktop and tablet, or at No. 29 in mobile search and No. 5 in desktop search but #29 in mobile search.

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  1. Jon DeNunzio from Squarely Digital, February 28, 2014 at 4:39 p.m.

    Isn't a big part of the answer that these companies are *trying* to get more mobile search impressions? They see value there and are gearing their campaigns toward it, no?

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