• How Reservations.com Grew Traffic 172% YoY
    Reservations.com offers a variety of choices, from the most popular hotel to the least expensive. The site even allows ads to run that enable travelers to compare prices on Tripadvisor, Hotels.com and Kayak.
  • Ads Optimized By Google AMP Load Six Times Faster
    Google made two ad partner announcements -- with TripleLift and Cloudflare -- on Monday related to its Accelerated Mobile pages advertising format. The goal is to make ads and content load faster, so consumers don't abandon Web pages.
  • Mobile Search Quenches Valentine's Day Impulse Purchases
    Optimizing search campaigns for Valentine's Day, which arrives in a little more than two weeks, seems pretty straightforward -- until you remember that this year, the special day set aside to demonstrate one's affection for another comes nine days after Super Bowl LI Sunday. That leaves one weekend between football and gratitude.
  • Data Suggests Brands Tie Search To 'Prospecting,' Programmatic Tactics
    The connection between search and display has become more apparent in the final quarter of 2016, as companies pull in prospecting and programmatic tactics.
  • Super Bowl Ads Get Mixed Signals From 'Cautious Consumerism'
    Consumer confidence rose in December 2016 and dipped 2% in January 2017, but the numbers remain at record highs, according to Prosper Insights & Analytics, which keeps tabs on sentiment and confidence ratings.
  • Search: Winners And Losers
    Searchmetrics released its third-annual Winners and Losers report this week. This year's report reveals that publishers with specific editorial direction and household-name Web sites like Wikipedia and Facebook had the greatest gains, while other informational sites showed declines in desktop search.
  • The Trump Effect For Advertisers
    Apple, one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, is considering a deal with Foxconn to build a U.S. manufacturing plant for displays, and the trickle-down effect for advertisers could have an impact for online advertising.
  • The Search For Truth (Not Donald Trump)
    Google can't allow someone to buy "truth." The answer would first need to be verified as being indisputable.
  • Mobile Fake Clicks (Click Injection) Forecast To Take Spotlight In 2017
    Click-injection fraud, also known as fake clicks that can appear as "legitimate advertising interactions to marketing analytics systems," is forecast to become a major form of mobile marketing fraud in 2017.
  • 4 SEO Tips To Manage Seasonal URLs, Links, Content
    Now that the end-of-year holidays are over, marketers should take responsibility for removing seasonal content. URLs accumulate equity from backlinks, but soon Thanksgiving Day table decorations are no longer useful to consumers searching on sites for Valentine's Day gift.
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