• Blekko Slashes Foodily Searches
    Will slashtags become the best friend forever of niche search engines looking to aggregate results across the Internet? For most queries, Blekko requires the searcher to insert a slashtag prior to the keyword when searching for content. The engine partnered with recipe search engine Foodily to curate search results. But if early adopters primarily use the site, Blekko engineers have some work to do before Clark Stephens' vision of reaching the "stay home mom in Mississippi" can come to fruition.
  • Google+ Opens Ad Door To Google TV, Social Games, Interest-Based Search And Display
    Can Google do for social what it did in search? Advertisers have been waiting to answer that question for years as they waved good-bye to Wave, waited through privacy issues in Buzz, and watched as social network Orkut gained acceptance in Brazil, but nowhere else.
  • Search Marketers Get The Big Bucks
    The average search marketer salary is $75,542, according to the Salary Survey released Tuesday by the Search Engine Marketers Professional Organization (SEMPO). The survey reveals that respondents with zero to three years experience in search marketing earn between $30,001 and $60,000 annually, and those with three to five years experience, about $70,000.
  • Zoosh, Google's Wallet
    Marketers have options other than Google Wallet when it comes to mobile electronic payments. Naratte, a Silicon Valley startup, has been creating buzz behind technology that uses a speaker and a microphone found in mobile handsets and devices. The technology provides the same benefits as near field communication (NFC) to launch mobile wallet transactions and marketing campaigns such as coupons.
  • OrangeSoda Slurps Up Sweeter SMB Local Features
    Quenching the thirst of small and mid-size businesses that want to get in on the search, social and mobile ads game, local online marketing firm OrangeSoda released features to its CitrusBlast platform, specially tailored to marketers looking to increase their company's exposure through a variety of Google, Bing and Yahoo search-related products.
  • Searches From Face-Time Conversations In The Billions
    Google searches provide information for about 145 million brand conversations daily. That's according to a word-of-mouth study from the Keller Fay Group, which pegs the number of conversations about brands that take place in the U.S. at more than 2.4 billion daily.
  • IT House Turns Creative: SapientNitro Becomes First Data's Agency Of Record
    Get ready for more companies with roots in IT services and technology to drive the future of online marketing and advertisers. Here's the story of SapientNitro. The company announced Wednesday that it will become the agency of record (AOR) for First Data Corp., which processes payments and electronic commerce, supporting corporate identity, as well as creative, media and strategy for the Atlanta-based company. In partnership, the two companies will relaunch First Data's corporate brand identity "Beyond the Transaction" tagline and "Beyond" symbol. The companies will use the icons in campaigns.
  • The Internet Tax Bill With Major Implications For Affiliate Marketers
    Oliver Roup, founder and CEO at VigLink, plans to take a trip to Sacramento with others in affiliate marketing in an effort to sway California Governor Jerry Brown to nix the Internet sales tax law that passed the House and the Senate. The proposed bill, which Roup assumes sits on the governor's desk, will have grave consequences for affiliate marketers, he said.
  • How Google's Billion-Dollar Display Biz Supports Search
    The number of display ad impressions will decline 25% per person in the coming years. Fewer ads won't necessarily mean less effective campaigns because consumers will have more control in the type of ads they view. That's the future of display advertising, said Google's Vice President of Display Advertising Neal Mohan during a recent IAB Innovation Days keynote address.
  • Why Frank Lee Joined DataPop To Run Sales, Marketing
    A desire to fill the huge gap in technology and services between search engine optimization and operations drove Frank Lee to accept the challenge of building the sales and marketing team at DataPop. With nearly 10 years experience, Lee comes to the venture-backed startup from The Search Agency, where he supported client services and media optimization for a variety of search, social and customer experience media.
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