• Broadcast TV King El Pollo Loco Crowdsources Slogan On Social, Ignores Search
    El Pollo Loco took to social media, asking its more than 14,000 Twitter followers and 100,000 Facebook fans to express their passion for the brand's fresh ingredients in its fire-grilled chicken by submitting a slogan -- 10 words or less -- using the #CrazyYouCanWear.
  • A Lesson In Calculating Lifetime Customer Value For Digital
    The amount consumers spend with any one brand during their lifetime varies. The estimated amount should factor into brand marketing budgets from display and video to search. A panel of experts discussed this topic at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit on Monday. The Internet was built on the promise of tracking everything, but marketers soon discovered the fallacy.
  • SEMPO Builds Global Presence To Identify Trends, Solve Challenges
    Changes afoot at SEMPO point to a more structured international model that will focus on identifying trends and solving challenges. Rather than distribute the annual State of Search Marketing Report all at once, SEMPO will break down the report into themes and release them throughout the year. Focusing on specific topics will allow each report to dig deeper into the subject and elaborate on solutions.
  • 25 Google Tactics To Build A Better Mobile Web Site
    Mobile users are goal-driven. They launch an application or Web browser to search for something specific. When they don't find relevant information they close the session. So what does it take to build a better mobile Web site? Google partnered with AnswerLab to study more than 100 mobile users completing conversion-focused tasks across a range of Web sites. The results helped Google develop these 25 principles for mobile site design.
  • Persuading Searchers With Color
    Do you know the taste of Thai tea? When unmixed the colors run from a milky cream to a pale and then deep tangerine. You can almost taste the tangy tea with sweetened condensed milk through the vibrant colors. The colors drove me to taste the tea. What if Google and Bing-Yahoo's paid-search ad platforms allowed marketers to choose the text color of their ads? Would it change the click and conversion rates?
  • How To Rank Above 25 In Search Queries
    Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex continue to work on the Schema.org markup code designed to help Web sites rank better in search results, but only 36.6% of Google's search results contain at least one Schema.org rich snippet and just 0.3% of the 50 million domains analyzed by Searchmetrics make use of Google's Schema tools.
  • Bing Searches Earn Frequent Flyer Miles
    Taking a vacation this summer? Get searching. Bing searches convert into credits for frequent flyer, hotel or retail loyalty programs. The search engine partnered with a long list of companies that now allow consumers to redeem Bing Rewards for miles and perks.
  • 5 Tips And Even More Reasons To Integrate Search And Social Campaigns
    Consumers clicking on an advertiser's paid-search and social advertisement will double conversion rates, compared with those who only click on the former. Consumers who click on search and social ads also spend more. The ads generate four times more revenue per click than users who only click on a social ad, per a study by Marin Software.
  • Search Data, Mixed With Time, Takes Nation's Pulse
    People increasingly rely on Internet data to plan for the future and search for information on past events, giving researchers insights into human interests and behavior. A study found that using aggregate search engine query data from services such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Flickr can take the psychological pulse of a nation. Understanding the human mind can make search engine practitioners better marketers.
  • M&A Marketing Deals Reach For The Sky
    Don't be surprised if your favorite small or midsize company gets swallowed up by one of the big boys. The debt to positive equity ratio in the marketing industry continues to foster mergers and acquisitions in the space. Just ask Berkery Noyes. The independent mid-market investment bank will tell you M&A activity related to marketing rose 22% in Q1 2014, the largest quarterly rise in volume for the sector. This follows an 8% decline in the prior three-month period. Cash on hand could mean many more acquisitions this year.
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