• Paid Advertising Making Dramatic Shifts, Study Finds
    Programmatic is not the shiny object in every campaign strategy. Despite the hype surrounding programmatic, more than 50% of advertisers still do not include it in their media-buying strategy. Among the ones who do, about 30% found it was not an effective marketing channel for them, according to survey results scheduled for public release next week.
  • Microsoft, Google Redefining Search Through Chatbots, Messaging
    Messaging creates a new form of search advertising by returning information based on chatbot queries. At the Nov. 11 Bing Ads Next event, Microsoft demonstrated how companies like Delta Airlines can use a chatbot by pulling information from its Web site to answer questions.
  • Gartner Predicts 30% Of Searches Without A Screen In 4 Years
    About 30% of searches will be done without a screen by 2020, per Gartner predictions that show a fundamental shift in the way consumers will find information.Technology such as Google Assistant for Home, Amazon Alexa for Echo, chat bots and software development kits from Microsoft, Soundhound and others will make this possible.
  • How Maze Rooms Used Google To Drive Bookings, Reduce CPCs By 96%
    Maze Rooms saw a positive return on investments within the first month, and now with more than 18,000 online conversions to date -- which means the number of people who actually booked a game from thenGoogle AdWords ads -- it has seen conversion rates between 35% and 64.46%, depending on the month, the promotion and other factors.
  • Dynamic Ad Targeting Becomes Grinch That Stole Christmas
    Amazon without question failed terribly in their remarketing efforts during the holidays, but the marketplace wasn't alone in their "missteps," according to one expert.
  • SMB Marketers Favor Facebook Over Search For Holiday Season Campaigns
    Despite all the negative publicity of fake news serving up in social sites, Facebook has managed to remain in the good graces of many marketers during the holiday season. One study cites the social site as the favorite media in which to run campaign ads.
  • Google's John Mueller Reveals Search Console Secret About Analytics Data
    During a recent Google Webmasters live stream on Search Console and mobile-first search indexing, John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends analyst based in Switzerland, revealed an update to the amount of search data that Google could eventually make available to marketers in the Search Console, along with other tips.
  • How Google Sold Rover.com On Growth
    Google initially helped Rover.com by writing a few thousand versions of mobile-specific ad copy that the company put in the AdWords rotation. It helped marketers better understand thematically versus the way Google approached writing the ad copy.
  • 'Electoral College' Becomes Hot Google Search Trend
    Don't expect the 538 people who will meet to determine the next U.S. president through the Electoral College to change their minds, but it has piqued interest in Americans wanting to know more about the process.
  • IPG Mediabrands Appoints Tim Ringel Global President, Reprise Media
    Interpublic Group's IPG Mediabrands announced Friday that its search and digital experience arm Reprise Media has a new global president. The agency appointed Tim Ringel to lead continuous growth and expansion.
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