• Making Money From YouTube, Video Channel Content Beyond Advertising
    The rise of video content and channels on YouTube makes it more difficult for channel owners to generate revenue -- but those who find a following can bring in tens of thousands, even millions, of dollars annually. Some turn to advertising, while others connect with fans through merchandise. Search agencies have the same opportunity to find that connection with viewers through physical goods. The search agency Moz, for example, could create an 8 x 10-inch branded erasable whiteboard that search professionals could hang above their computer to connect with its series Whiteboard Fridays.
  • Would You Lease A Pair Of Mud Jeans For A Year?
    The Dutch company Mud Jeans set out to create a program based on a new philosophy that would enable consumers to rent -- rather than own -- a pair of jeans. Choose a pair, pay a small annual deposit and monthly rental fee for a year and then make the choice about whether to keep it, switch for another pair, or send them back and discontinue the program. What a great opportunity to reach a completely new market engaged in conservation and renewable products. How would you design a search campaign for this promotion -- and what type of retargeting …
  • Mobile Forces Decline In Page Views - 10 Tips To Reverse The Trend
    Page views per online session hit a new low -- 6.93 -- in March 2014, about two fewer pages than in the same month in 2012. IBM attributes the low to an increase in mobile use by consumers and declining attention, as smartphone users click away in a hurry unless a site is optimized for small screens. The trend also identifies a weakness in the ability to cross-sell products through content and recommendations.
  • Mobile Travel Sites On Rocky Road
    Mobile travel Web sites continue to attract new consumers, but lag in advanced mobile experiences and performance. Although Ipsos/Google estimate that at least 80% of consumers use online sites to research and plan trips, The Search Agency released findings Wednesday showing that eight of the 100 mobile sites use responsive Web design, 67% serve mobile dedicated sites, and the remaining 25 sites serve the desktop version to mobile users.
  • BrightEdge Reveals Why Brands Are Losing 68% Of Smartphone Traffic
    When a mobile Web site is not optimized properly for smartphones, the company's search query results drop two positions in the ranking, according to research released Tuesday by BrightEdge. This may not seem like much, but it also influences click-through rates. One glitch in optimization performance could push first-page results to the second page and send profits plummeting.
  • U.S., Europe Movement To New Domain Extensions Failing To Gain Momentum
    Here's another opportunity to the U.S. to fall behind in innovation. Marketers and advertising professionals are far more skeptical about new domain extensions than other groups, including their peers in other countries like China. Some 75% of marketers in the U.S. said new extensions would make the Internet more confusing, a belief held by only 50% of total U.S. respondents and 43% of all respondents globally. A report from Sedo, a domain marketplace, released Monday points a finger at groups like the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) for running campaigns that project a negative opinion against the new domain names.
  • Google Appeals To Right, Left Brain With $50 Million To Convince Girls To Code
    Miral Kotb has been dancing since she could walk because it gives her personal expression. Kotb also likes to write code for many of the same reasons. She combined her creative side with analytical talents to create a theatrical performance of lights -- Illuminate -- based on dance and code. But she's in the minority. Now Google wants to spend $50 million to get more females involved. The ad-tech industry will need the extra help as programmatic ad-buying increases and more devices connect to the Internet. Actions taken by the technology industry contribute to the deficit.
  • Back-To-School Timing, Tips For Social And Search Campaigns
    More than $3 of every $5 aimed at back-to-school clothes and supplies is spent on college-bound students, with online shoppers spending 37% as these consumers mature and shell out more than $1,100 per family, per a PM Digital report. The report provides insights that will prepare marketers to build cross-channel social and search campaigns for this year's back-to-school season.
  • Kenshoo Reveals Search, Facebook Advertising Investment Formula For Success
    Kenshoo has released a formula for investments in paid search and Facebook advertising that it believes will deliver the best campaign success rates. Paid-search performance and conversions rose by 19% on average when paired with Facebook advertising, driven by improvements in other key performance metrics, per a report released Wednesday that describes tests among several levels of Facebook spending, with detectable gains in performance. It also identifies a minimum and maximum spend requirement to see gains without losing returns when using this cross-channel search-and-social strategy.
  • How Transactional Emails Lead To Searches, Purchases
    Does seeing a name from a specific brand in an unopened email subject line remind you to pick up a loaf of Oroweat bread and a gallon of Alta Dena milk at the grocery store? Here are some tips based on the 2014 Silverpop Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study that shows how transactional emails -- the ones thanking consumers for the purchase or that the order has shipped -- can lead to searches or purchases.
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