• The Future Of Mobile HyperLocal Search
    Google announced Voice Search this week, but already I want to see Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads in my search results after pulling up the voice search app to say "where can I find a red dress, locally." In the retail sector, 41% of consumers participating in a recent study use their smartphone for local search.
  • Why The Yahoo-Bing Network Might Have A Chance
    The Yahoo-Bing Network grew 9.6% in Q3 2012 sequentially, surpassing Google's 0.7% growth, according to a report released Tuesday. While Bing saw sequential gains year-on-year, The Search Agency Q3 State of Paid Search Report found the average cost per click (CPC) across all search engines rose 6% in Q3 2012, compared with the year-ago quarter, but fell 5.6% sequentially.
  • Hurricane Sandy Goes Live On Mobile, Desktop
    A variety of news outlets and search engines have made it possible for people to track Hurricane Sandy live via the Internet on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Google Asks Win 8 Users For One More Chance
    Microsoft Windows 8 debuted Friday, and Google took the opportunity to move Chrome into the spotlight. The Redmond, Wash. company did well to promote Internet Explorer and Bing in Win 8, but what does it mean for Google loyalists?
  • Why Brands Need Searchable Social Content
    The majority of Twitter and Facebook users -- 83% and 71%, respectively -- expect a response from a brand within the same day of posting. Some 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective response are more likely to recommend that brand to others, compared with 19% who do not receive any response, according to a study released Thursday.
  • Search Marketers Find Social Awareness In Gen Y
    Search marketers reaching out to consumers ages 18 to 34 may want to take a closer look at their political preferences and the characteristics that support their beliefs. New research from The Intelligence Group found that members of Generation Y plan to cast a vote for president based on who will make the world better, while 27% will base their vote on who they think will improve their personal situation.
  • What Obama-Romney Debates, Search Ads Have In Common
    Think of search ads this holiday season the same way you would consider the three presidential political debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Each debate served up information to help undecided voters make a better choice. The search ads and organic content can do the same. Shoppers searching for information on what to purchase for friends and family this holiday season will rely more heavily on the Internet to research products before making a purchase. In fact, 80% said they would use the Internet this year to research items versus 77% in 2011.
  • Halloween Trending Data Highlights Need To Optimize Content For Local, National
    It has become increasingly clear as Halloween and the holidays approach that content drives Web site traffic, whether from a click on a paid-search ad to a landing page, or sitelinks and Google Shopping ad in search engine query results. Localizing content and keywords will become important this holiday season.
  • Vague Future For Google TV After Microsoft Launches IE Access On Xbox
    A consistent experience for online advertising and access to content across channels became Google CEO Larry Page's mantra during the company's Q3 2012 earnings call Thursday. Marketers know it's the only way to serve and target ads across channels and devices. It means extending search services to support operating systems, applications, and hardware. Aside from Nexus 7 smartphones, the company started taking preorders for a hard drive-less (for docs) Samsung Chromebook Thursday.
  • Study Shows How Changes To Search Influence Display Advertising
    If consumers only spend 5% of their time searching, how can search marketers reach them during the remaining 95% of the time they are online? Only 13% of people perform shopping-related searches daily, so execs from a few companies like Google, IgnitionOne and Criteo still believe search marketers can find an option in display, especially since more marketers have begun to accept real-time bidding and programmatic buying as a viable option to improve strategies.
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