• Google Home Links Search To Experiential
    Google and experiential agency Grow Marketing are headed to Chelsea Market in New York next week to show off Google Home and Google Play Music. The duo set up the device and service in three tiny homes.
  • Google, Ivyrevel Use Personal Mobile Data To Design Custom Dresses
    In the age of digital data, where intent signals come from all sorts of activities from mobile devices, one designer clothing brand has cozied up to Google in an effort to create an experience to deepen the connection with consumers.
  • Valentine's Day Searches Identify Shift In Consumer Behavior
    Purple vs. red. A move away from searches for traditional, romantic red roses during Valentine's Day seem to suggest that consumers have become more adventurous. They're looking for new experiences.
  • SEO Experts Rebrand Themselves
    "Content marketer," "Web|digital|internet marketing manager|specialist," "growth hacker," "content strategist" and "Web site optimization specialist" are some of the new job titles for search engine optimization professionals.
  • Bing Refuses To Run 7 Million Ads For Misleading Content In 2016
    Bing has blocked 130 million ads for direct policy compliance issues, banned 175,000 advertisers from placing ads on the search engine, and blocked 7 million ads for misleading content in 2016, according to Microsoft Bing's Bad Ads report released this week.
  • Google Strengthens AMP URL Identifiers, Adds 'Anchor Button' In Search
    On mobile devices, each page will display three URLs to identify the origin of the copy. The word "amp" will appear in the URL, which Google calls AMP Viewer URLs, along with the original source or AMP viewer header bar that states the publisher, and when it's served from an AMP Cache URL.
  • Mobile's Influence On Searches, Purchases
    What role do smartphones play in influencing holiday searches and purchases? For me it all starts with my iPhone, Google or Bing, and a tap on the microphone to conduct a voice search. Mobile devices will account for 75% of global Internet use in 2017, according to the Zenith Mobile Advertising Forecasts released in November.
  • Search Data Shows How Agency-Brand Relationships Are Changing
    All types and sizes of agencies and design firms are finding new business with brands, but the relationships are definitely changing, per a report released Wednesday.
  • Why Search Still Confuses Small Business Owners
    Some 45% of business owners say they will spend the majority of their 2017 marketing budget on social media because search engine optimization and paid-search strategies are still too complex.
  • Pinterest Is Gaining The One Thing Facebook Is Losing
    eMarketer's forecast suggests that this year Pinterest will gain ground with every age group. The demographic with the greatest number of U.S. users is adults 35 to 44, representing 22.1% of all Pinterest users.
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