How Voice Search Gives Any Brand A Direct Connection With Consumers

Click-to-call is one of the most convenient features on the Web, especially for mobile. 

There's a feature from j2 Global called eVoice that enables business owners to place a button on their Web page, blog post or email that when clicked prompts the customer to enter their phone number. The eVoice system then calls the customer's number and connects the dialer directly to the business. 

The service comes complete with a local or toll-free number that marketers use to build a direct connection from the consumer online to the physical business. An automated attendant lets the company route inbound calls wherever they want to receive them similar to Google Voice.

Keith Lorren, CEO of Keith Lorren Spices, uses the tool. He says the eVoice click-to-call feature makes it easy for customers to connect with the business by clicking a button on the Web site. The button at the bottom of the page routes the caller to the company's landlines where they can ask questions or place orders from a desktop or mobile device. He stumbled onto the eVoice service after calling another business that uses it.

The click-to-call feature removes the barrier of getting a consumer to pick up the phone and call, whether it's for more information, a service request, or to place an order. 

Aside from click-to-call, eVoice offers features like local or toll-free numbers, auto attendant, call recording, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, and voice-to-text transcriptions.

An interesting feature links the call with CampaignerCRM, a CRM system from j2 Global. One click on a phone number in a CampaignerCRM record will call the contact directly, eliminating the need to look up the number, or dial it manually. The call then gets logged and reported in the database.


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