Women Click More And Spend More On Mobile, Per Study

Who clicks through more ads on a device running Google's Android or Apple's iOS operating system, women or men? Analyzing more than 1 billion data points in July 2014, AppLovin, which processes about 20 billion ad requests daily, identified some interesting trends related to gender behavior.

Phones running Android have a consistently higher click-through rate (CTR) compared with iOS. Across platforms, females were more prone to click on ads compared with males. Women also produce better conversion rates and spend more per purchase than their male counterparts.

The data also identifies differences in platform users. In general, consumers using devices running Android click more than those using devices running iOS, iOS users convert more often, and iOS users spend more per purchase compared with Android. The gender gap in CTR is present and similar across both platforms -- 0.82% on Android and 0.65% on iOS. The sub 1% differences seem negligible, but when measuring CTRs every fraction of a percent counts, per the study.

When it comes to conversions -- the rate at which clicks result in a purchase or action -- female iOS users convert the most. For women on devices running Android, the average purchase is $18.65 compared with $12.28 for men. Women using devices running iOS spend about $20.6, compared with men at $15.73.

Platforms matter. Android users -- male and female -- are historically accustomed to seeing more popular apps with ads, but perhaps are less inclined to pay for the items being advertised. iOS users are less conditioned for ad-supported apps, but when they click they are more inclined to buy, per the report.

The differences in gender also matters. The moral of this data -- knowing the audience can make all the difference when it comes to conversions and average order value.

AppLovin works with more than 300 brands, including Spotify, Joss & Main, eBay, and Groupon. The click-through rates are much stronger on Android devices compared with iOS. 

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