Long Live The Video

It’s been a few years since I’ve started writing here at Video Insider, commenting on the industry.  And it was about three years ago when I was on a panel discussing if publishers could survive in the future without building a video business. We talked back then about the importance of implementing a syndication strategy with companies like 5min, CineSport, or YouTube, choosing OVP such as Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala or ThePlatform, and monetizing with Tremor, YuMe or

Why were we excited about online video? I don’t know if it was for the opportunity to tell a story using a new and exciting medium  -- or more because we thought that video revenue could help the declining banner business, and the non-monetized mobile traffic that kept growing and growing ( according to Mary Meeker’s report ).

Whatever the reason, a few years later, online video is more relevant than ever, with even more startups, and success stories. Revision3 is now part of Discovery, Brightcove is a public company, Kaltura is being used by companies such as Groupon, Wikipedia, HBO and has over $40 million in funding, AOL jumps to $100 million in video revenue after two years, YouTube invests $100 million in original programming, HTML5 is still in development, and the list goes on and on.

We’ve also grown our day-to-day vocabulary with terms such as video syndication, multiplatform video experience, OVPs, video RTB platform, branded videos, incentivized views, click-to-play views, autoplay views, etc.

Coming back from Europe, I’m excited to report that video is by far one of the biggest ways major publishers use to generate their future premium revenue.

Long live video!

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