It's Too Early To Be Complacent

Already the pace of posts, tweets and shares is starting to level off. Less than a week since the tragedy in Connecticut, we are returning back to where we were before. But, it’s too early. No matter what side of gun control or mental health support you stand on, it’s too early to stop the debate.

Now is the time to discuss, inform and become informed. Every column I’ve written for Social Media Insider has been about helping businesses. This one is not. This column is about using social media to help ourselves.

Tweet With The NRA

If you support the NRA, tell them why with its handle @NRA. If you think the group needs to take a different stance, do the same. Twitter is a bit irrational right now when you do a search for @NRA. Add some measured, rational viewpoints to the conversation.

The NRA has taken down its Facebook page since the events last week. However, you can still find it on Google+ and YouTube, in addition to Twitter.



Sign An Online Petition has had a powerful impact in the past. It’s helped gradeschoolers change the marketing tactics for "The Lorax" movie. It’s allowed a nanny to change Bank of America’s banking policies.

Visit this page for a list of the current petitions regarding Sandy Hook and its related issues.

Tweet A Congressperson

Twitter has a handy list of all the verified accounts of U.S. Congress members. Tweet your local representative. Tweet someone whose stance you agree with. Tweet someone whose stance you don’t. The page also allows you to see what Congress members have been saying lately on Twitter.

Start A Conversation On Branch is the new site with major backing from Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. It’s a fantastic place to have meaningful, thoughtful conversations. Join a branch or start a new branch. Just have a meaningful conversation.

Do It Your Way

These Wiki pages have active members of the House, active members of the Senate and all their social media contact info. Respond to your local representative’s latest YouTube video, comment on one of your senator’s Flickr photos, or share an elected official’s latest blog post.

It’s important we take moments like this to use our collective knowledge about social media to make an impact on the world around us. For many reading this post, social media might be a job; for others, it's a hobby. No matter what social media is to you, you most definitely can use social media to affect the future.

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  1. Cathy Taylor from MediaPost, December 18, 2012 at 4:51 p.m.

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for this! My biggest fear is that we will once again become complacent in the wake of the unspeakable, like we have so many times.


  2. Bryan Boettger from Reevuit, December 19, 2012 at midnight

    Sadly, I wish more people were sharing this article...

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