Teens Choose Electronics But Parents Pay For Most

Teens Choose Electronics But Parents Pay For Most

According to an online survey of 300 junior and senior high school students conducted online by InsightExpress, students looking for new electronics say they're the ones in control of the consumer electronics budget and brand buying decisions.

Lee Smith, president and COO of InsightExpress, says "Students are more educated not only in terms of what devices they want to own, but also which brands. Teenagers hold a tremendous amount of influence when it comes to the devices they select, and savvy manufacturers will recognize the opportunity this audience represents."

Devices most wanted by teens include MP3 players, cell phones, and digital (still and video) cameras. While students plan to pay for only 30% of electronics purchases themselves, teenagers say they still wield more buying influence than their parents. According to the survey, teens decide which brands to purchase for the following:

DeviceStudent DecidesStudent & Parents DecidesParents Decides
Digital Camera39%26%27%
Digital Video Camera36%31%22%
Cell Phone35%34%22%

Source: InsightExpress, August 2004

When it comes to learning about new high tech devices, students turn to friends first, and are notoriously key adopters of emerging technologies.

How US Students Learn About Home Electronics (% of resoundents)

  • Friends 72%
  • Internet 70%
  • TV 70%
  • Magazines 58%
  • School 44%

Source: InsightExpress, August 2004
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