Gavel-ARemember the early days of the "World Wide Web" when just about any analog business that went digital seemed another opportunity for grinning trend stories? Yes -- at one time it seemed a little funny that you could create wills online or even buy pet food. No -- wait.

Well, you get the idea. We are in that same era where the transition of so many everyday functions to mobile still seems odd. Like suing someone's sorry ass. The insidious ambulances chasing personal injury law commercials have now become a mobile shortcut. The legal marketing, SEM/SEO outfit Law Father has added a new product to its portfolio. Now, when disaster strikes and you need someone to blame -- or, better, sue -- just use the **INJURED mobile shortcut to get the law (or a lawyer at least) on your side.

Now you can initiate a lawsuit on the go, as it happens. Talk about situating a service at the moment of need and optimal rage! Get your fender bent by some five-year-old’s Big Wheel racer? Don’t yell at the little tike. Sue him! Slip and fall on a slick mayonnaise droplet at the local grocery store? Why complain to the manager? Cry for help, and while you are waiting on the linoleum floor dial **INJURED to get justice.

When the user calls, they get connected to lawyers in their area who have opted in to the LawFather service. The consumer also gets a text message that links them to, where the company enables you to search claims so you can do background checks on lawyers. The company says it fields over 3,000 queries a month.

Don’t bother, mobilistas. I already tried. These guys don’t even have their own optimized for mobile.

And curiously, you also will be marketed to by the StarStar people at Zoove. As soon as I placed my test call I got an SMS from them pitching their own service. 

I guess the principle is sound from a mobile perspective. You want to leverage the device to capture people at the optimal mood and moment. Pain and anger here are the key components here on the path to purchase.

So an obvious question comes up here. What happens to the user who gets injured while stupidly driving and trying to dial the **Injured shortcode for a lawyer referral?   

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