Broitman Leaves Something Massive For Something Even More So, MasterCard

Adam Broitman, a long-time digital agency executive and entrepreneur, is jumping to the client side, joining MasterCard as senior business leader of the financial services giant’s global digital marketing team, according to a post on his personal blog this morning. Broitman most recently served as chief creative strategist at Los Angeles-based Something Massive, following its merger with Broitman’s digital boutique last year.

“I will be focused on all things social, mobile, local and beyond,” Broitman says in the blog post about his new role at MasterCard, which officially began Jan. 2.

The post, which starts off by quoting Lao Ttzu (“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading") goes on to cite a TED Talk presentation by Google’s Matt Cutts, who espouses trying something new every 30 days.

The ever-inventive Broitman appears to be living up to that credo. He began after cutting his teeth at seminal digital shops like Digitas, Morpheus and Crayon, as a massive augemented reality art project with founding partner John Swords. And he formed social TV platform TV Dinner with Swords, with whom he also collaborated with as guest editors of a special edition of MEDIA magazine.

In this morning’s post, Broitman says his new role at MasterCard “could not have been a better fit for me, and that while he had no specific desire to work for a large corporation, he did have one to work for MasterCard, especially becasue he will be reporting to Senior Vice President-Group Head Global Digital Marketing Michael Donnelly.

Describing the moment he decided to take the job on a visit to MasterCard’s Purchase, NY, headquarters, Broitman writes: “I sensed an underlying pulse in the people and spaces I saw. There was a tremendous amount of excitement that, quite frankly, I was not expecting. Without giving any specifics, I can tell you that what I saw on that first visit was big. Ground-breaking things were afoot. I wanted in!” 



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  1. Rob Gorrie from RSGA, January 15, 2013 at 9:57 a.m.

    A huge congrats buddy!

    Looks good on you

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