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How Twitter/Nielsen's Real-Time-Meets-Human-Meets-Big-Data Solution Compresses Time And Space

Actually, consultant Kevin Benedict calls Twitter's and Nielsen's plans to develop a real-time TV audience index based on tweets a "real-time-virtual-meets-human-meets-virtual-meets-bigdata" solution, and he even has a new acronym for it, appropriately hashtagged "#VMHMVMBD." While the acronym will no doubt bust the margins of some forthcoming version of LUMAscapes' chart, Benedict says it has even bigger implications for the way we think about the fundamental commodities of media: time and space. "This partnership demonstrates more time-space compression.  There is less time between an event and event feedback.  Less time between feedback and adjustments or changes.  Viewers opinions from across a wide geographical landscape are immediately known," he writes.



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