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Google Wants More Advertiser Dollars

Google announced new products and services that it hopes will encourage marketers to spend more money with it. The Wall Street Journal offered a rundown of the announcements Google made at its advertising and analytics event this week. Google launched a product to help marketers measure how specific ads drive in-store sales. "Through third-party data partnerships, Google says it has access to information regarding 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the U.S. Using that data, and on an anonymized basis, the company says it will be able to tell marketers how their online ad campaigns translate to cash in their registers. In addition, marketers will be able to hook up data from their own loyalty programs to better understand their customers’ online and real-world behaviors," the Journal reports. In addition, Google launched Google Attribution, a tool that it says will help marketers better understand the value of their various marketing efforts, it's also directing consumers who click on search ads to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) landing pages, and introducing an Ads Data Hub which it says will offer marketers information about their Google ad campaigns.

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  1. Babar Khan from Centric DXB, May 31, 2017 at 12:42 p.m.

    Is this article format intentional?

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