A Guide to Outsourcing Yourself

“Verizon finds US developer outsourced his job to China so he could surf Reddit and watch cat videos.” -- The Next Web, January 16, 2013

Here is a funny story of Internet craziness: according to a 2012 case study from Verizon, last year an employee of a U.S. software firm was caught outsourcing his work to China, where a developer did his job for less than a fifth of his salary.

Have you ever considered outsourcing yourself? You too can enjoy leisure time watching adorable cat videos! Here is useful guide of do’s and do-nots for outsourcing yourself.

First of all, make sure that your job is the kind of job that can be outsourced. Some jobs are less suitable for outsourcing: policeman, fireman, pilot, etc. What kinds of jobs are suitable for outsourcing? Good question! Any job where you spend most of the day in front of a computer can probably be outsourced: software developer, Web developer, app developer, and so on. But these are not the only jobs where you are able to outsource yourself! Just remember, if you spend all day in an office, no one can really tell if you are doing your job anyway! And there are many skilled, educated workers in other parts of the world who have same professional qualifications, but will work for much less!



For examples, you can outsource yourself if you are an accountant, advertising account manager, advertising “creative type,” air traffic controller, analyst, architect, art director, banker, bond broker, call center operator, consultant, commodity trader, cost estimator, currency trader, customer service representative, database administrator, economist, editor, engineer, financial planner, graphic designer, human resources manager, insurance claims adjustor, journalist, lawyer, marketer, media buyer, media planner, mortgage lender, paralegal, poison control center receptionist, public relations specialist, radiologist, statistician, systems analyst, technical writer, telemarketer, urban planner!

And don’t forget, it is even easier to outsource yourself if you are an executive, because other people are already doing all your work for you! Just give your “outsource friend” access to your email account, then go play golf while he or she sends confusing/inappropriate messages to subordinates!

In fact even jobs like online columnist and blogger can be outsourced! All that is needed is contractor with necessary relevant linguistic skills. Many such talented and hard-working individuals can be found in places like Eastern Europe, where Ukrainian firms specialize in outsourcing editorial work that is very nice.

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