Surprise Them With a Party Or Else Cash on Their Birthday

Surprise Them With a Party Or Else Cash on Their Birthday

A survey found that 72.2 percent of respondents said they'd like some element of surprise on their birthday. 43.5 percent actually want the surprise party they may say they don't want. Cash came in a close second, with 40.2 percent of the vote, and 33.8 percent want the dream vacation getaway.

The survey also found that

  • 72.4 percent feel very little stress or no stress at all about getting older
  • more than 30 percent of respondents said the 30s represent "the prime of your life."
  • 1/5 say the 40s
  • and another 1/5 say the 20s are the years they consider the best time to enjoy life.
  • 20.2 percent said a spouse or significant other has forgotten their birthday at least once.
  • 31 percent say that age 21 is the most important milestone birthday
  • 21.6 percent said they typically spend $100 or more on a birthday gift for a spouse, partner or significant other

Strauss concludes that "Regardless of when people are born or how they are celebrating, this survey tells us that people are thinking and feeling young. They're not stressed about getting older, and the perception of the 'over the hill' mark seems to be coming later and later in life."

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