Too Much Data? Depends On Who Uses It

When asked whether or not we are reaching a point of being overloaded with data at today's OMMA DDM, Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia, says that he doesn't think so.

"There are people that are overloaed with data," he said. "But [typically those are] people that don't know what it is they are looking for. [And] in most cases they were doing a terrible job with little data." He makes a good point. If people don't have a clear path with small amounts of data, the additional data could make it seem like there's just too much. It's more about the person using the data than the data itself.

Mark Miller, SVP, CRM Practice Lead, Digitas, added, "I think big data really allows you to aspire to things that you don't necessarily see." He says that it's less about just jumping straight into using the data and more about defining a problem first and then using the data to solve the problem.

Vikram Somaya, GM, WeatherFX, The Weather Company, shared that sentiment. "Not all data will work at all times," he said.

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