Is Big Data Making Brands Relevant Or Irrelevant? It's All Relative

OMMA DDM got off to a start today with one marketing guru (Macy's Julie Bernard) saying Big Data can almost make brand's too relevant to consumers, but is ending up with another (Blue Chip's Bob Klein) saying it's making it too irrelevant.

On OMMA DDM's "creative" panel, Klein shared the number of email marketing messages he's received so far today, including one from Curves For Women, P&G, a pedicure offer, and an offer for a social security related discount.
"There all this big data, but there's a tremendous amount of irrelevancy out there," Klein said.
That's ironic given that Macy's Bernard made the case that Big Data is making Macy's offers so perfectly personalized that consumers are getting bored seeing the same stuff all the time. She championed the need for serendipity and surprise.
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