SteelHouse Results Show Real-Time Offers Are Real Big

Online advertising and marketing tech company SteelHouse announced that brands that used their “Real Time Offers” technology saw a 21% increase in click-through rates and quadrupled conversion. SteelHouse’s announcement gets added to a long list of companies that have had recent success using real-time media.

“Relying on only standard display and retargeting ads to message our potential customers doesn’t cut it anymore,” stated Caitlin Romig, digital marketing lead at Rosetta Stone. “The market has changed.”

With that changing market is a shift to real-time media. SteelHouse’s success is just one example of “real-time” getting “real big.” OpenX received $22.5 million in new funding earlier this month. Rocket Fuel announced a 238% revenue increase for 2012 last week. Nexage also reported big numbers last week after seeing 171% growth from its real-time bidding platform in 2012. The list goes on.



Mark Douglas, president CEO of SteelHouse, believes that 2013 will have more companies looking to tap into the real-time market. He stated: “This will be a big trend in 2013 -- marketers finding their gold mine [data] and building campaigns that integrate rich media using their existing content, and launching them into the right sequence of channels at the right time using one channel to reinforce the other.”

Essentially, Douglas predicts companies being able to use big data in real-time to press all the right advertising buttons across multiple channels. Of course, that sounds a lot like the predictions from January 2012. But if 2012 was an indicator as to what 2013 holds in store for the real-time marketplace, next year at this time we will be writing about every company announcing big profits from real-time media...again.

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  1. Norm Page from Grapeshot, February 4, 2013 at 6:02 p.m.

    I would add that creative execution and the use of dynamic and data-enabled rich media across all media channels is equally as important as opportunistic real-time media-buying.

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