Hyperbabble Watch: The Unique Triple Qualification Approach

Thanks for the reception to Hyberbabble Watch. It seems to have hit a nerve across readers, even some tech-oriented PR types. As I explained to one of them, my goal isn’t to tweak them so much as send a signal to their clients that all this hyperbabblic language is just plain silly and counter-productive. I will know this column as succeeded when we stop finding sources to highlight.

Or better yet, I liked Andrew Szykier’s suggestion that we develop a “hyperfilter” capable of parsing “a set of words that act as babble flags.

“The more they are used, the greater their score. That way you can run any sentence through the hyperfilter and kick out a HB Score and rank them. Some people think that HuffPo (HP) is a great abuser of HB in its headlines.”

So until MediaPost’s tech team develops that -- or some kind-hearted outside developer approaches me to provide it en gratis -- I will act as the human hyperbabble agent (because the machine would’ve already filtered out my last comment, of course).

That said, I can definitely use your help. So please continue sending me releases, decks, Slideshares, or anything else containing hyperbabble worth of consideration. And until someone develops an algorithm to filter, sort and rank them, I will assign each entry an HB Score, and publish the winner each day, and a ranker every so often.

Today’s winner, with an HB Score of 91 (on a scale of 1 to 100) is:

A “unique triple-qualification approach that individually validates each prospect to assess conversion intent.”



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