Gated Community

During his introductory remarks at the Social Media Insider Summit, MediaPost chief Ken Fadner corrected what he said was an erroneous fact about some of the famous people who reside on Captiva Island, the summit’s venue. Fadner said that he had mistakenly said that Microsoft Founder Bill Gates has a house here.
But Fadner said he later found out that information was wrong, and confessed that he learned about it from a busboy at a nearby restaurant.
Fadner said that while that fact may be incorrect, it is now part of the social graph, because, as he said, if you search “Bill Gates” and “Captiva” the “only reference” is to Fadner’s comments about it.
Hmmm, I’m not so sure about that. I just plugged those two keyword terms into Google, and I got “486,000” results. Maybe Fadner was using Bing.
In any case, while Bill Gates’ residency on Captiva may be subject to debate, Fadner said he did see a really nice house that had a “big gate.”
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