Apigee Unveils Apigee Insights

Apigee today launched Apigee Insights, a data analytics platform that uses “broad data" from APIs, apps, social, and mobile to give businesses more data they care about. Apigee claims that the platform is the first broad data platform. According to Apigee, “broad data” is just a more appropriate term for “big data.” In other words, broad data is “aggregated fragments of small and contextually related data.

"In the app economy, where business is often conducted through mobile and social channels, organizations no longer own – much less control – all the data they need to make accurate business decisions," stated Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO.

The “app economy,” as Kapoor puts it in a release, is the result of apps dictating how information is shared, how people communicate, how people shop, and more. Apigee’s new platform allows companies to collect data from customers, developers, and partners alike, something any smart real-time marketer needs.



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