CBS Connects On Second Screen For Super Bowl

In a keynote at the Mobile Insider Summit, Jason Kint, SVP , GM, CBS Interactive's sports division, discussed the network’s second-screen offering for the Super Bowl this year for tablets. A year of planning went into the effort including research on what sports fans wanted. That is real time stats and game information as well as social media integration. People also wanted real time access to commercials, instead of waiting until after the game.

The game had its largest TV audience ever at 164 million viewers, with 3 million streaming online, the largest ever for a single sporting event, said Kint. A key part of CBS’ second-screen production were a selection of five different camera angles, including a pair of new ones. One was a “fan’s choice” camera that gave viewers input on what they wanted to see, with the crowdsourced shots changed 30 to 40 times during the game.

The other was the “all 22” camera angle, which for the first time allowed football fans to see the entire field of play—footage that previously had only been available to NFL teams after games. “It ended up being a massive success,” said Kint, with people tweeting about it every few seconds and positive response from the media.

In terms of social, he called the 2013 Super Bowl the largest social event ever, with some 50 million tweets throughout Sunday about the game. During the game, however, the half-time show with Beyonce drove the most Twitter activity, at up to 270,000 tweets per minute.

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