I, Advertiser

iCatThat’s right, it’s time to think like a robot. At least that’s what Dynamic Logic Research Director Joline McGoldrick just advised Mobile Insider Summit attendees during a research presentation this morning. She began by sharing the findings of some fascinating man/machine research that tested how human beings feel about, yep, robots.
The researchers, she said, had a group of consumers interact with a feline-like robot dubbed iCat, and then asked them to shut it off when they were done -- with the caveat that when they do, all of the robot’s memory will be erased.
“It was akin to killing the robot,” McGoldrick said, adding that among the consumers who had “helpful” and positive experiences with the iCat, they hesitated three times longer than the consumers who had a less-than-helpful experience with the robo cat.
What was McGoldrick’s point for the Mobile Insider crowd? That the robot experience “applies directly” to brand marketers and advertisers.
“The unintelligent, discourteous advertiser, just like the robot, is quickly shut off,” she explained.
McGoldrick then showed some Dynamic Logic data to prove it, showing results of a range of mobile campaigns. The one-third of those campaigns deemed to be the most “courteous” and helpful generated a 26% increase in “messaging,” she said. The bottom third, she said, either had no gain, or actually decreased the brand’s message to the consumer.
“Mobile, when done right, has a huge payoff,” she concluded.
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