[x+1] and UberTags Deal Highlights "Real-Time Decisioning"

Last week, OnlineMediaDaily reported that [x+1] acquired tag management company UberTags, saying, "The integration aims to allow marketers to better manage digital operations, improve Web site performance and support attribution services more accurately." 

In locating the connecting thread between the UberTags deal and real-time media at [x+1], David Skinner, SVP of corporate and business development at [x+1], said that "real-time decisioning is at the heart of it." He added that tag management is what drives those decisions, and that "UberTags will be the tagging approach through all of the real-time decisioning" at [x+1].

According to Skinner, "real-time decisioning" is making any decision using real-time information, such as a company serving a specific display ad to a consumer in real-time because it's known that the consumer just left their site.

Skinner said that the move to acquire UberTags was a "necessary feature in the growing area of data management." [x+1] had a tagging feature on their DMP from the start, and Skinner says that UberTags is essentially replacing it. Additionally, adding UberTags' technology to some self-service features from [x+1] - such as remarking and audience reporting - opens the door to more data and gives clients a "more operationally robust tagging approach," said Skinner.

What exactly will UberTags do for [x+1]? Skinner said that clients can track when someone visits their site and every placement that person interacted with, including whether or not they clicked an ad, simply hovered over it, and plenty of other information marketer's care about. "A lot [of that information] is going to be valuable in their subsequent marketing to that person," Skinner noted.

That subsequent marketing is exactly why the [x+1] and UberTags deal is important in the real-time space. It highlights "real-time decisioning," and makes it easier for marketers to be on target in real-time.


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