BrightTag Fuse Taps The 'Cloud' For Real-Time Multichannel Data

BrightTag this week announced Fuse, a multichannel real-time data provider. BrightTag seeks to break from the mold of traditional tag management systems by streamlining data from all channels -- not just the Web -- via the cloud.

“Marketers today are forced to choose between day-old data locked in ‘cold storage’ or real-time data across a single channel,” stated Mike Sands, president and CEO of BrightTag. “At a time when consumers are already interacting with brands across multiple channels, marketers need sophisticated tools to help them capitalize on cross-channel activities and take action instantly." 



The new technology can match user profiles and cookies in real-time across devices. That type of functionality and all-in-one data will make life easier for marketers. BrightTag claims that Fuse's on-demand data integration is an industry first. To the right is a logo from BrightTag used to demonstrate how Fuse works and what it includes.

"Multichannel marketing integration is a critical opportunity for me," stated Joseph Yakuel, cross site marketing manager at Quidsi. "I need to be able to integrate mobile and desktop user interactions in order to drive successful marketing programs."

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