Guys Hate Shopping And These Brands Get It

Men Hate Shopping and These Brands Get It

Searching the aisles for the special deal and standing in checkout lines is not a guy’s favorite pastime. It’s no surprise that men don’t like to shop and very much find many elements associated with retail highly frustrating. 

In our recent retail study, we uncovered the top three attributes important to easing a guy’s shopping experience: 

1. Access to high-quality products

2. Great variety, selection

3. Convenient experience overall 

To help further, guys are using their mobile devices to access information and make informed choices while at shelf. We learned in our study that more than 84% of men with a smartphone are utilizing their device features to aid in their shopping journey. More than 20% of mean with a smartphone utilize it specifically to check prices and shelf, ensuring that perfect deal is at arm’s reach. 



While shopping seems to be painful for most guys, a few brands have found unique ways to meet their everyday needs. This is coupled with the fact that guys are flocking to their screens to shop online, with 21% of guys now regularly shopping at a mass retail outlet’s ecommerce site. With this groundswell, our editors recently chose to recognize some of the brightest stars in this year’s Evolve Awards.

The awards recognize innovators in 11 categories most important to a guy’s lifestyle, including entrainment, technology, auto, grooming, food, and apparel.


First up, being a father isn’t an easy job, especially when it comes down to shopping for cool things to keep your kids entertained and growing. Cooper & Kid takes the pain out of shopping for kids. Each month, the service delivers a box of noteworthy goodies for the kids. It’s brilliant including ideas for creating a catapult to making a DIY missile launcher to using the box itself to make a cardboard airplane. This service takes the pain out of shopping and allows guys to invest time with their kids.

Did I already mention that guys hate shopping? Welcome, Trunk Club, an online personal styling service that’s helping guys elevate their game. Trunk Club assesses your personal lifestyle, chooses your threads and ships it to you. Anything unwanted can easily be returned in a pre-paid box.  

We enthusiastically salute these business ideas for taking insight to a man’s shopping frustrations and unlocking opportunities to fit his needs.

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