• 4 Tips To Supersize Dads' In-Store Spend
    Historically, marketers have tried to explicitly tempt moms in-store, as the stereotype has long been that they control the purse strings and make most family purchases. But, with dads taking on more household responsibilities, they are increasingly becoming a higher-value marketing target. Y&R reports a whopping 80% of millennial dads claim primary or shared grocery shopping responsibility. Subsequently, many brands have stepped up their "dadvertising" and - instead of showing him as bumbling and clueless - are messaging to him as a competent parent who plays an active role in his children's lives.
  • Preparing for Parenthood - From a Strategy Perspective
    The past few months have been some of the most exciting for my wife and me, as we recently learned that we will soon become parents for the first time.
  • Dads Are Getting Schooled
    It's that time of year and parents are all in the midst of settling into new back-to-school routines. I recently interviewed Tim Sullivan, President of School Family Media. School Family Media was founded 15 years ago and works with PTAs and PTOs helping parents connect with schools and teachers in grades K through 8.
  • Mad Moms Versus World Peace
    There is nothing like a good hot Indian summer to put the focus on deodorants.
  • Sports Content For Young Fans: Why It's Important, And What Big Media Can Learn From Dude Perfect
    Many millions of adults today probably remember their first Little League game, or their first time tying on a pair of cleats, or participating in any other sort of sport. Today, various studies examining the participation of young fans between 6 and 17 in organized sports teams put the total number of young fans as low 21.5 million and as high as 28.7 million, and that number only continues to grow. This statistic does not even account for those who start before the age of six. Indeed, 60% of boys and 47% of girls are already on teams by their ...
  • Calculated Risks Are The Way To Go
    Creating branded content for men can be a little tricky, but don't be afraid. By testing the waters, taking a few calculated risks and focusing on the things they clearly want, brands will see ROI if they are willing to take the leap. Whether "zigging" when others "zag," or being a little goofy and accessible, if men are a key part of your marketing strategy, there are effective methods for bringing them into the fold. Here are three tips to help guide your branded content targeted to men.
  • The Golden Age of Dadvertising
    As a dad-to-be on the verge of fatherhood (next week!), I couldn't be more excited to meet our son, see how he looks like me and my wife, show him awful card tricks, try and someday explain to him why "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" really is one of the greatest movies of all time, you know - dad stuff. I think I'd be crazy not to be nervous, all the classes, advice, and late-night reading can prepare you only for so much but the excitement calms most nerves. And while I'm not sure if it better prepared me to be ...
  • YouTube Tops Men's Summer Brand Rankings
    YouTube - star-maker, entertainment distributor, quirky pet archive and ad channel, - has topped the positive Buzz rankings with American men this summer. With a BrandIndex Buzz score of 27.4 the Google video brand has edged out Amazon and Subway for top spot during the month of July.
  • The Modern Man Is The Modest Man
    What defines luxury to a man 2015? Is it a Rolex and a private jet, or the ability to travel the world and gain life experiences?
  • Delivering Content To Young Males: Make It Fast, Accessible, And Shareable
    To keep up with the growth of digital, today's content needs to be catered to audiences in a much more conscious and holistic way than it has been before. To reach younger male audiences, this means content providers need to shift, and with regard to male Millennials (18 - 34) and Generation Z (under 18) in particular, it's important to realize that they value very specific qualities in the media they consume. What should dictate the content targeted at young males is what's most important to them: ease of sharing, support for novel platforms, and on-demand viewership.
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