• Reflections On 2012, Looking Ahead To 2013
    The end of the year brings both reflection and the need to look ahead. After writing for, and religiously following the other Engage:Men posts throughout this year, I decided to use this post to think about the gestalt of the year's conversations. Short and sweet.
  • Any Given Holiday -- A 10-Point Shopping Strategy For Retailers Looking For Customers On Facebook
    What's the best way for retailers to engage men? We hear this question often and the answer is always the same-it depends on your goal.
  • Why I'm Not Sharing Your Delightful Content (Or Begging You To Share Mine)
    You're goofing off at work, minding your own business, watching baby ducks master a treadmill or whatever the time-waster video of the moment is. Suddenly, in bursts a breathless email from an acquaintance with something he's shamelessly shilling. "Please like and retweet and share this to your networks! Digg it and favorite it to your friends and followers, and vote it up and pin it and +1 it and comment!"
  • Brands Improve Targeting This Holiday Season
    Most men grind it out five days a week in their office cranking out TPS Reports but apparently, they spend a ton of time doing other things, too -- like shopping.
  • Guy-Commerce: How They Shop This Holiday Season
    As the holiday shopping season is in full gear, men around the country are stressing about what and how to buy gifts for their loved ones. For many guys, the holiday shopping season is filled with excitement and anxiety as well as some new tricks to ease the process.