• To Attract Men, Be Attractive to Men
    If you believe what you read, you surely think men are facing a "crisis in masculinity," and that, in 50 years, we really will "all be chicks." I don't buy it. Instead, the definition of masculinity in contemporary American society is simply evolving (and, rest assured, will stay tied to more traditionally masculine norms than in many parts of the world).
  • It's Raining Men ... Or Is It?
    You can ask just about anyone on the street about men and you'll get just about as many varied responses as there are hours in the day. For example, there are the 5 Types of Men Every Women Wants and the 5 Types of Men Every Woman Should Avoid. There's also the 18 Types of Men You Should Date Before Getting Married and this Handy Guide to All Gay Men, too.
  • Small Adventures Are Where Men Go To Be Men
    Men are being totally emasculated in our society today, aren't we? Even manly men like Adam Corolla are admitting it. Earlier this year he wrote a book, In 50 Years We'll All Be Chicks. He gives guys a hard time about their blurred gender roles and poses a lot of questions about where men are headed. Check out what he says in these quotes from the book. Major media outlets like the broadcast networks see it, too. They now green-light shows like "Happy Endings" and "The New Girl," where guys are nice and polite and aren't out for only that ...
  • What Happened To 'Maxim'?
    This month, Maxim magazine announced its first-ever drop in rate base, the paid circulation it guarantees advertisers. The former titan of the men's category took a 20% hit, from 2.5 million to 2.0 million. That's a big deal in magazines, where downscaling the rate base is avoided like the last third of a "Godfather" marathon.