Guy-Commerce: How They Shop This Holiday Season

As the holiday shopping season is in full gear, men around the country are stressing about what and how to buy gifts for their loved ones. For many guys, the holiday shopping season is filled with excitement and anxiety as well as some new tricks to ease the process. 

In our recent study, we spoke to more than 200 guys, found some insights and uncovered new trends in how men are preparing for this holiday season. Thirty% of men report extreme stress to please this holiday season. There are tremendous opportunities for brands and retailers to help put him at ease. Our findings showcase a strong focus on simplifying the shopping process around finding that perfect gift


News flash: Guys like to keep things simple when it comes to shopping. Men generally prefer shopping online or mass retailers where they can shop across multiple categories needed for gifting this holiday season. Men are much more likely to research online and purchase online compared to their female partners. Online mass retailers are now the top channel where men will purchase at least one gift this holiday season. Twenty-one% of men will purchase via this channel (e.g., Amazon, Overstock).



When considering where to shop, the top three attributes guys look for in a retailer are:

#1 High quality products

#2 Great variety 

#3 Convenience

When looking at what’s important, it’s no surprise men are flocking to the computer screen to round out those holiday requests. 

Mobile Shopping Buddy

Mobile is a guy’s wingman while in store. For men owning smartphones, 84% utilize their mobile device to aid in their retail shopping trips while at shelf. Nearly a quarter of these men are using their trusted buddy to check prices to ensure the best deal while at a retailer. 

When it comes to mobile commerce, nearly 86% of men will make at least one purchase one a mobile or tablet device this holiday season. Mobile enabled retailer sites are going to win this holiday season.

Seventy-three percent of men have some e-commerce app on their mobile device. Further, 50% of men have more than two of these apps loaded for easy access to shops and deals. 

Men Are Great Gift Givers!

Men deserve some credit when it comes to gift giving. More than half of men surveyed are planning in advance, researching what to buy this holiday season. In addition, they are positive, excited to be shopping for their loved ones. 

Men are also doing their research to score the perfect find. More than 50% of married men are asking their partners for hints as to what to buy (ladies, please take note).  Men are also checking between 4 to 8 online or retail outlets before making that final purchase for their partner.

Brands and retailers have tremendous opportunities to help guys relax and fit into their preferred mode of simplified shopping experiences.

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