Three Reasons FBX Helps Solve Ad Quality Problems

At OMMA RTB in San Francisco today, AdRoll President Adam Berke gave three reasons why ad quality problems are solved via the Facebook Exchange (FBX).

The first reason he gave is that ads are served in predictable places on the page. Berke said that because users are familiar with where the ads are located, "things like clicks are intentional."

The second reason, according to Berke, is that "ads are always above the fold." This helps with predictability.

The third problem FBX helps solve in terms of ad quality is reliant on consumer behavior. "From a behavioral perspective, when people go to Facebook it's usually because they don't have anything else to do," he said. A consumer's time on Facebook then becomes an excellent opportunity for re-engagement. "The clicks aren't accidental and the person has time on their hands."

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