Out to Launch

Toyota unveils a new brand message. Cavity Sam gets a new ailment. More political ads. Let's launch!

Toyota launched a new brand message entitled "Moving Forward," on Sept. 28 with ads running during evening network television programming. The ads serve as a motivational theme for dealers and Toyota employees. In various spots, the theme will reflect a Camry buyer moving across the country; a Tundra Double-Cab buyer imagining the possibilities with more horsepower; or a Tacoma buyer looking for a bigger truck for great adventures. The strategy of "Moving Forward" was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi in conjunction with Conill, Burrell, and interTrend. For the Hispanic market, Toyota's ads will incorporate "Avanza Confiado," which means "Moving forward with confidence." The Chinese ads will use a phrase that translates to "Moving forward and pursuing your dreams."



Keeping with branding, Deutsch LA has created a new brand campaign for T.G.I. Friday's restaurants. The first spot in the campaign, "Family Affair," opens with a guy hanging out at the bar in T.G.I Friday's with his buddies. He is surprised to hear his wife's distinct laughter. She's sitting in a nearby booth with several girlfriends. He rushes over to her and asks who is home watching their kids. His wife explains that her mom is doing the babysitting. Moment's later, he sees his mother-in-law, also at Friday's, along with his two kids. It's certainly turned into a family affair says the voiceover. "Everyone Could Use More Fridays." Thirty and 15-second spots launched on network and cable stations during programs such as "C.S.I.:N.Y.," "Joey," and MLB Baseball.

Bringing back childhood memories, Milton Bradley's children's game, OPERATION, is celebrating it's 39th birthday in a unique way. By giving the game's patient, Cavity Sam, a new ailment. In 2003, Americans cast their votes by phone and online for one of three possible new ailments - Brain Freeze, Growling Stomach or Tennis Elbow. The updated OPERATION game, featuring the winning ailment, made its primetime television debut on an episode of NBC's "Scrubs," where members of the cast will play the new game and be challenged by Cavity Sam's newest ailment: Brain Freeze. Milton Bradley and NBC are supporting the updated game through print, online and on-air promotional components. Print ads in ran in both Star and People's Oct. 18 issues, and TV Guide's Oct. 17 issue featured an ad insert. The "Scrubs" integration was brokered by Alliance and The NBC Agency. The advertising campaign was developed by Grey Worldwide.

Somehow, I don't think it's a coincidence that a star from the "Sopranos" is appearing in an ad for "the MOB." Mothers Opposing Bush, "the MOB," premiered an ad in Ohio starring Edie Falco of the "The Sopranos" on Sept. 30. The ads are targeting this election's most undecided voters -- women. The MOB is an all-volunteer, bi-partisan political action committee with a membership of almost 20,000 mothers (and others) representing all 50 states.

As the presidential election fast approaches, candidate Captain Morgan has wrangled up support from celebrities to shine the light on the virtues of his "Party Without the Politics" campaign platform. The Captain's grassroots organization, Americans for a Better Party, recently gave Californians a break from the election issues of the day with a two-hour "Politics Free Zone" party where guests refrained from talking politics for two hours. Actress Jaime Pressly was on hand and introduced as The Captain's preferred running mate. Captain Morgan has been campaigning as the Americans for a Better Party candidate since July, making unexpected appearances at both conventions in Boston and New York, and the presidential debates in Florida. His motto? "Liberal with the cola. Conservative with The Captain. Drink Responsibly!"

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America launched a powerful campaign this week to demonstrate the harmful effects of marijuana use. The ads will feature teens haunted by people in their lives who have been hurt as a result of the teens' marijuana use. The campaign, created by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, includes TV, print, radio, and out-of-home executions reflecting various scenarios in which the consequences of a young person's actions while smoking pot stay with them after the fact. One 30-second TV spot, "Birthday Party" depicts a teenage boy as he goes through his daily routine: walking to school, getting lunch, and going to basketball practice. Throughout the day, a young boy wearing a party hat appears in the background. The spot flashes back to the teenager arguing with his father during his younger brother's birthday party, with the teen yelling "Who cares about some stupid birthday party!" while his little brother looks on. A voiceover follows with, "You'll never forget the people you hurt when you were high." Each spot ends with the tag line: "Regret. The Anti-Drug." The campaign also includes four print executions that will run in national teen magazines, and several radio spots launching on Monday in major markets across the country.

A52 and Modernista collaborated on a recent campaign for the Hummer SUT. "Jungle" features an infrared POV traveling through a jungle, leading to the discovery of the new Hummer. "Scanner" begins with a photograph of the new SUT being photocopied, then transitions to a kaleidoscopic montage showing the SUT driving down a tree-lined road at night.

In Web site launches this week:

Funktion Designhaus has, a new Web site for parent company Sole Technology Inc. The brand includes a full line of footwear, apparel, and accessories that are inspired by all of the best things about being young: feeling carefree and unrestrained, having fun and being happy, independence, enthusiasm, creativity, and experimentation. The overall design of the site aims to reflect those values and also act as an online magazine, highlighting the latest information on action sports, fashion, art, music, movies, books, health, trendsetters, travel, and more. Additionally, the site offers girls the chance to win new etnies Girl gear and other prizes with contests such as "A Day in the Life," which gives contest winners the opportunity to spend an entire day hanging out with an etnies Girl pro skater, surfer, or snowboarder.

The Oakland Raiders have launched a Kids Zone section on its Web site. The main draw of the new area is Tackle Geography. Kids can learn about the teams, stadiums, cities, and states of the Raiders' 2004 road opponents. Population, industry, state mottos, and state birds are some of the information located in the section. Kids can also download and print puzzles, trading cards, and coloring pages. The site was developed in conjunction with Epic Cycle Interactive.

Addendum:Out to Launch on Wednesday, October 6 omitted that interactive marketing firm Abstract Edge, New York, provided the design for the relaunched Web site of Procter & Gamble's Clairol. The agency IMC2 of Dallas built the site by providing technology and coding based on Abstract Edge's design, and also provided written copy for the site. Abstract Edge created the art, page layout, color scheme, and other design aspects of the site.

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