Fifth Month of Magazine Advertising Growth in September

Fifth Month of Magazine Advertising Growth in September

Total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue for the month of September 2004 closed at $2,286,636,158, an increase of +17.1% compared to September 2003, according to Publishers Information Bureau (PIB). Ad pages totaled 25,165.36, up +8.5% from last year. Year-to-date, rate-card-reported revenue closed at $14,908,324,440, an increase of +9.7%, with ad pages totaling 164,277.46, registering a +2.2% gain.

Nine of the 12 major advertising categories recorded both PIB revenue and page increases for September compared to last year, with five categories posting double-digit gains: Retail; Home Furnishings & Supplies; Food & Food Products; Financial, Insurance & Real Estate; and Public Transportation, Hotels and Resorts. Financial, Insurance & Real Estate has recorded its seventh consecutive month of increases in September.

September 2004

Class2004 Dollars% Chg2004 Pages% Chg
Apparel & Accessories286,773,5888.63,622.292.5
Toiletries & Cosmetics209,565,35010.01,993.412.3
Home Furn & Supplies197,821,88228.71,949.7218.3
Drugs & Remedies159,209,0180.31,422.41-0.2
Direct Response Co's147,664,74518.81,732.282.8
Media & Advertising130,460,1500.91,236.77-2.9
Finance, Ins & Real Est123,550,43824.81,223.1117.1
PublicTrans, Hotels & Resort102,662,86348.71,427.5423.6

Source: Publishers Information Bureau

Year-to-date, the strongest performers have been Financial, Insurance & Real Estate; Media & Advertising; Public Transportation, Hotels & Resorts; and Retail.

January - September 2004 vs. 2003

Class2004 Dollars% Chg2004 Pages% Chg
Drugs & Remedies1,357,587,0062.411,757.00-0.9
Toiletries & Cosmetics1,349,793,2674.912,674.16-0.9
Apparel & Accessories1,226,166,58110.016,497.701.7
Home Furn & Supplies1,169,611,5616.311,571.921.0
Food & Food Products1,142,453,46912.68,363.677.9
Direct Response Co's1,010,014,1156.012,613.38-1.1
Media & Advertising940,404,68017.08,623.936.7
Finance, Ins & Real Est768,487,06727.08,352.2117.1
Trans, Hotels&Resorts673,953,69225.09,670.718.3

Source: Publishers Information Bureau

Ellen Oppenheim, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Magazine Publishers of America, said "Magazine advertising hit a high for the year in September, illustrating that advertisers continue to recognize magazines as a unique medium that engages consumers in an age of interruption."

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