i2c Engage Offers Real-Time Marketing In Latin America

Cloud-based payment processing solutions provider i2c has partnered with Aerocash, a payment card and loyal program manager, to create i2c Engage. The "real-time loyalty technology" will allow retailers and financial institutions in Latin America to engage with their consumers in real-time. 

"In Latin America and across the globe, we see payments, mobile and loyalty converging, creating new opportunities for…retailers to interact with their customers," stated Miguel Cintron, VP, business development, i2c. "The ability to engage customers with relevant offers and messages -- personalized and delivered at precisely the right times to maximize response -- will drive deeper and more profitable customer relationships."

In a statement, Aeorcash CEO Alfredo Hernandez said, "The i2c-Aerocash partnership will take loyalty and marketing programs in Latin America to the next level by executing communications based on both real-time customer-initiated events and geo-location."



The technology is said to combine real-time data based on consumers' payment transactions and their location. From there, the technology automatically triggers "targeted marketing communications," which include offers such as mobile coupons and personalized marketing messages. All of the marketing communicates will be sent to the consumer in real-time once certain buying and location triggers are activated.

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