Russia's Yandex Generates Similar Revs To Channel 1 TV

  • April 17, 2013

The Russian search engine Yandex has begun to tout its growing daily audience and annual advertising revenue by comparing the engine to the local Channel 1 TV Russian station. Yandex generated similar ad revenue to Channel 1 TV in 2012. So close that it's a matter of rubles.

Yandex generated 28.1 billion rubles, or about $890 million, whereas the TV station earned about 28.2 billion rubles last year. The audiences between TV and Internet may differ, but the growing ad revenue at the search engine clearly identifies a shift in attention by brands. In an email, Yandex spokesperson Vladimir Isaev points to data from the Communication Agencies Association of Russia (CAAR) that suggests Yandex earned one in every two rubles spent on online advertising in Russia.

Last year, TV ads remained the biggest largest market in Russia at 143.2 billion rub, or about $4.55 billion -- up 9% compared with the prior year -- while the online ad segment grew by 35% to 56.3 billion rub -- about $1.8 billion -- but held the distinction of being the fastest growing media segment, according to CAAR.

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