Optimize Video Creative To Increase Campaign ROI

TV advertisers make up the vast majority of brands moving media dollars to in-stream video. More than 90% of their online video creative is the same as, or a variation of, the ads they run on TV. This multiscreen approach opens up a variety of new opportunities for optimizing ad creative across screens. New cross-media technology solutions are enabling advertisers to increase their campaign ROI and take greater advantage of the unique and combined benefits of both TV and online video.

Optimize the Viewer Experience

As a TV advertiser, you invest in stunning, well-crafted video creative. Video quality should never have to take a punch when that creative runs online. Ensure your video looks its best on all screens. Identify cross-media video solutions that provide broadcast-level diagnostics, and measurement that protect the quality of your video.  Use fully integrated advanced ad serving that automatically transcodes video creative, and serves ad impressions directly from the highest grade broadcast master (to the exact specifications of each publisher and device).



Optimize Creative for Media and Audience

Live campaign reports must include deep analytics for the creative, as well as media and audience, enabling progressive techniques for pairing specific video creative and interactive elements with specific sites and audiences. Depending on the objective of the campaign, particular media may appear to be underperforming. But it may be less the media than the creative. Creative optimization reports and tools can help you fine-tune creative at the placement,  medium or multiscreen level.

Optimize Engagement

Transform video creative into interactive in-stream ads that can drive engagement. New cross-media video solutions  provide “digital” teams with direct access to commercial masters and tools that help digital teams make the experience more  memorable. Deep analytics measure every aspect of audience engagement. The combination of interactivity tools and analytics enables marketers to test, swap, and sharpen interactive elements to improve results on the fly.

Optimize Frequency and Rotation

Leverage today’s robust video reporting options, which can measure everything from online frequency to brand exposure and help determine ad combinations that are most effective. Frequency capping and ad rotation tools can help you limit overexposure, reduce the number of wasted impression and automatically rotate different ads in different ways on different media. These advanced solutions can enable viewers to select which of your ads they would prefer to view and help brands tailor ads to engage specific audiences.

Optimize Compliance

When creating and using multiple versions of ads, be sure to secure the TV and Internet talent and music rights for every version in advance. Missing this step can be costly. Eliminate compliance risk by using compliance reporting that provides detailed alerts to track and manage  ads that may be nearing or running past their talent and rights expiration dates.

Optimize Across Screens

Online video advertising can now to be measured alongside TV. By measuring them together, you may identify trends and correlations between the two that can even inform your TV creative decisions. New video ad technologies enable you to measure, traffic, deliver, and change video advertising across both in near-real-time.

When you manage, deliver and measure TV and online video campaigns together, you can adopt cross-media metrics well beyond the GRP and, by acting on those insights while your campaigns are live, increase the return on your media investments.

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