Google Analytics Has Been Helpful At PaperStyle

With his keynote at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit,'s David Grocer says his company has benefited from Google Analytics to collect data.

As a small company, the Google system has helped it understand the drivers of the company's business -- how much is based on wedding invitations or subcategories within that, for example. Grocer says it also allows it to prioritize areas to focus on such as baby showers and birthdays.

The company, an online invitation retailer, has tracked behavior and married email addresses with revenue that comes in from Google Analytics.

PaperStyle also uses a SilverPop tool with Web tracking capabilities.

Using behavioral targeting, the company targets brides and brides' friends with various emails as a wedding approaches. If they have clicked on a wedding tab, the company sends a targeted email based on whether they're planning their own wedding or a friend's.

As the wedding approaches, PaperStyle offers options with various emails. Some emails focus on wedding favors, which people tend to consider about six weeks before the wedding.

A couple of weeks before the wedding, a reminder comes out about thank you notes.

PaperStyle may be small but with help from SilverPop and others, Grocer says it can take the same path as an Amazon or CareerBuilder or American Airlines and "not miss out on all the trends."





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