Geez, And I Thought Dentists Had An Inferiority Complex (Try Being A Banker, Especially A Human One)

“The thing with banking,” Vinoo Vijay, executive vice president-CMO of TD Bank, and opening keynoter at OMMA Video, said, starting things off on a dour note. “Since 2007, banks have gotten a bad rap.”
“Most of it deserved,” he acknowledged, adding, however, that, “Even when a bank does something fantastic, consumers don’t care.”
The solution, he said, was to focus on the human elements that can be told via narratives. And the best way to do that, he said, is with video storytelling. Hence, TD’s “bank human” campaign, which pokes fun at the machine age utilizing a Siri-like voice instructing people do to decidedly inhuman things while banking.
That’s the national push on TV and online video. To complement that effort, Vijay showed a few of the hundreds of more personal videos showing actual customers telling their own anecdotes about how TD made a difference in their lives.
Like Margaret, who said, “My favorite thing about TD Bank is that I can speak to real people.”
TD then took the micro video campaign and extended it to its own branches, showcasing bank branch managers in local neighborhoods telling their own human stories.
"This is a way to change people's mindsets that bankers are generally dishonest," Vijay said, adding that could only be done via video narratives.
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