'Superhero' Dad

Today’s Dad is more involved than ever, a trend that will continue as Gen Y moves deeper into the parenting space. The 2012 State of the American Mom Report from the Marketing to Moms Coalition found that many dads see themselves as equally sharing in parenting responsibilities with moms. “This includes areas such as grocery shopping, making meals, household cleaning, childcare, taking children to sports and playing with children,” says Michal Clements in a recent post for

As we head into Father’s Day weekend to celebrate the man that is adding a new dimension to our marketing-to-mom thinking, we are seeing numerous campaigns and commercials that feature Dad. But one in particular has caught my eye.

The spot is called “Not a Superhero.” While tied to a larger promotional partnership for the summer movie “Man of Steel” (which in and of itself is a nice marketing-to-dad move), this spot connects with Dad because it:



Gives a Kid’s Perspective: The narrator of this spot is a kid, allowing us to see how Dad looks through the eyes of those he loves. This powerful storytelling element resonates with Dad as it shows him at his absolute parenting best—something that also resonates with Mom.

Recognizes His Involvement: Gone are the days when Dad could simply play the role of the silly or immature man in the campaign. As a more active participant in parenting and household responsibilities, Dad is shown as someone who is getting things done—and enjoying every minute of it.

Shows “Real Men”: “Successful marketing towards men should not mean depicting a burly mountain man, with the sun in his eyes and the wind at his back,” suggests a post from Playground Dad. “Guys are just guys, and dads are just dads.” 

Acknowledges Mom: We don’t even see Mom in this spot yet we definitely feel her presence. Good marketing-to-dad strategies do not ignore mom—they actually celebrate the sense of collaboration between Mom and Dad.

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