Video Game Buys Offer Insight For Transactional Video

We all know consumers will -- well, usually -- sit through ads to watch videos and TV shows. But how far-reaching is their appetite for paying for content?

That’s the question payment-processing company WorldPay explored in a survey of more than 11,000 consumers who bought digital content and video games in the last year. While much of the research focused on buying habits surrounding video games, overall consumer preferences unearthed can shed light on behavior that carries over into purchases of digital video.

The study found that only 21% of consumers had purchased digital movies in the last 12 months. However, movies are among the most frequent purchases. WorldPay found that 38% of consumers bought movies weekly or more often, and 37% rented weekly or more often.

But what comes next? As the transactional market grows, what best practices can programmers adopt from the video game market? For example, video gamers said they want to be able to play a game across platforms, and many were frustrated when they couldn’t do so. About 84% of global video gamers said they want to be able to purchase a game on one device and access versions on other devices, while 55% said they’d even be willing to pay for this option. Those are useful findings for media companies to keep in mind, especially in a multi-device world. If a consumer starts watching a TV show on a game console, can she finish viewing it seamlessly on a tablet the next night.



Social media integration can also help drive purchases. WorldPay found that 72% of consumers would like to be able to click on an item they see on a social media site and be taken straight to the option to purchase. That’s useful data for video programmers to keep in mind as they seek ways to integrate purchases of shows and movies into social sites.

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